Tryon Horse Heritage Week Kick Off Party in Downtown Tryon – April 13, 2019

Tryon Horse Heritage Week Kick Off Party in Downtown Tryon – April 13, 2019Kick Off Tryon Horse Heritage Week in Downtown Tryon on Saturday, April 13. Tryon Downtown Development Association (TDDA) is hosting a downtown block party to celebrate our unique equestrian history and community. Enjoy some of the classic events and activities related to the Horse in our own historic downtown.

The 73rd Annual Block House Steeplechase was set to be the kick-off event for Tryon Horse Heritage Week, taking place throughout Tryon April 13-21. Due to upgrades on the course being disrupted from extreme rain and the safety of the horses being paramount, Steeplechase had to be rescheduled to October 5, 2019. It will return to the Spring in 2020.“While we will certainly miss Steeplechase as the kick off of Tryon Horse Heritage Week this year, we saw an opportunity to embrace some of the fun activities and help our downtown businesses” said Audrey Kendrick, chair of the TDDA Equestrian Heritage Committee.

The Downtown Kick-off party will include a hat contest, stick horse races, and even a downtown tailgate. Dress up your parking spot and let everyone check out your best tailgate décor. More events and activities will be announced.

The TDDA Equestrian Heritage Committee had spent the past year working on projects to prepare downtown for the World Equestrian Games. The mission of 2018 for the committee was to instill community pride, and further prove why Tryon has been associated with equestrian life for over 100 years. The committee completed projects that benefited downtown and local businesses for many years after the World Equestrian Games like the downtown “OPEN” flags, updated brochures and walking tour, print materials, repainting the huntsmen fire hydrants, making local gift bags for local inns, and partnering with the Tryon Tourism Development Authority (TTDA) on advertising and promotion of downtown.TDDA’s next major equestrian project has been partnering with Tryon Riding & Hunt Club’s Harmon Field homecoming, the “Traditionally Tryon” Horse Show coming to Harmon Field April 18-21. TDDA and the Tryon Riding and Hunt Club have partnered to promote our equestrian heritage and future with an annual “Tryon Horse Heritage Week.”

Activities for the week include the Tryon Horse Heritage Parade on Thursday, April 18. TDDA and TR&HC have commissioned a “Parade” Morris to ride through town to Harmon Field. Other activities of the week include:

Saturday, April 13 – Tryon Horse Heritage Week Kickoff Party in Downtown Tryon, 11am-4pm

Saturday, April 13-14 – FENCE Horse Trials

Sunday, April 14 – Our Carolina Foothills Art of the Horse Auction at Caitlyn Farms

Monday, April 15 – Groundwork sessions with Melanie Smith Taylor Clinic at FENCE

Monday, April 15 – Horse in the Gray Flannel Suit at Tryon Theatre (sponsored by Tryon Riding & Hunt Club)Tuesday, April 16 – Riding Sessions with Melanie Smith Taylor Clinic at FENCE

Wednesday, April 17 – Riding Clinic with Melanie Smith Taylor Clinic at FENCE Thursday, April 18 – Tryon Horse Heritage Parade

Thursday, April 18 – Carter Brown BBQ at Harmon FieldFriday, Saturday, Sunday- Traditionally Tryon Horse Show at Harmon Field

Anyone wishing to participate in the Tryon Horse Heritage Parade can complete the entry application at All information will continue to be added to the same site as well as on Facebook at

TDDA works to revitalize and preserve downtown Tryon through economic development, quality design and preserving the historic nature of downtown, and promotion of downtown. We do this through partnerships with businesses, local government and governing boards and community organizations. For information and press inquiries, please contact Jamie Carpenter.