Tryon Downtown Development Association Kicks Off Downtown Market Analysis

Tryon Downtown Development Association (TDDA) has begun work on a downtown market analysis. A downtown market analysis is the process of documenting details about the downtown’s current condition, exploring changes occurring in the marketplace, verifying what consumers want from downtown, discovering what businesses the downtown market will support, and creating a downtown business development strategy.

Many communities must hire professional consultants for a substantial fee in order to have access to this important tool used by businesses, property owners, developers, bankers and investors for making better-informed decisions. TDDA will complete their downtown market analysis by assembling a team of volunteers who will survey consumers both in person, through an online survey, and zip code collection. TDDA has already completed a downtown property inventory and collected data throughout the past year to add to this report.

Once they have a detailed picture of the downtown’s economy, TDDA will shape a campaign that includes providing assistance and training to existing businesses and helping them expand and develop a recruitment campaign to complement existing businesses and buildings downtown. Recruitment will target businesses that people want and that the market will support. With their market analysis in hand, TDDA, in partnership with the Town of Tryon will have a better chance of bringing business prospects downtown.

Interested parties may volunteer for the downtown market analysis team by contacting Jamie Carpenter at 828-859-6484 or TDDA works to revitalize and preserve downtown Tryon through economic development, quality design and preserving the historic nature of downtown, and promotion of downtown. We do this through partnerships with businesses, local government and governing boards, the Polk County Community Foundation and more. For more information, please visit