TDDA Announced Accomplishments at Annual Meeting

September 28, 2015— On Monday night, the crowd at Sunnydale enjoyed a social hour before Tryon Downtown Development Association (TDDA) President Judd Daniel opened the business meeting. Daniel thanked everyone for attending in particular Mayor Jim Wright and Council members Happy McLeod, Bill Ingham and Roy Miller.

“This year has flown by. It is hard to believe everything that has happened since our last annual meeting” TDDA began the year by having a number of board members attend the NC Main Street Basic Training program. “This program is excellent in how much knowledge one gains about this process of downtown revitalization.”

He went on to review the events of the year, in particular the visit to Tryon in May by Mr. Phil Walker. The event was billed as “TRYON: Making a Place.” Mr. Walker spent three days in Tryon interviewing more than 40 local leaders, property owners, government officials and business owners. His purpose was to give the community feedback on our success, capitalizing on our assets and removing barriers to good revitalization. The community excitement generated by Walker’s presentation proved new impetus to TDDA. With the commitment and generosity of the Polk County Community Foundation in the form of a Board Initiative Grant, TDDA has hired a full-time Executive Director and opened an office once again in downtown Tryon.

TDDA has spent the summer getting everything in order to operate full time. Policies and procedures have been developed, accounting practices fine-tuned with a greater level of detail and personnel functions defined. With the new fiscal year, the organization will resume its constant work on the Main Street Work Plan required by the NC Commerce Dept/Main Street Program.

The TDDA Nominating Committee, chaired by Anne Day has successfully recruited an excellent group of new board members to carry us through the next few years. The board has representation from business, property owners, merchants, investors, the art community and corporate management.

Special recognition was given to Cindy Viehman from TDDA for her volunteer service on the Board. “Cindy is always there, no matter what event we are working on.”
Judd Daniel passed the gavel to In-coming President, Wanda K. May. May is well-known in the community as a former owner of The Book Shelf (1993-2002), as a volunteer, as the Parish Administrator of Holy Cross Episcopal Church and as an important part of TDDA’s history.


For information on TDDA projects, membership, etc, call the office 828 859-6484, email or visit the office at 231-B N. Trade St. in Tryon.