Tryon is a desirable and livable community for everyone.

Tryon is a desirable and livable community for everyone.

To make Downtown an accessible and desirable place for all residents and visitors

To increase activities for all ages to be involved and participate downtown, including housing.

1. Continue Tryon Midnight as a community gathering event
2. Use Tryon Beer Fest and Farm to Trade to provide entertainment for locals, visitors and to raise funds for projects.

1. Create kid and teen-friendly activities for all events (with exception of 21+ events)
2. Continue with the Tryon Halloween Stroll, Christmas Stroll and April Fool’s incorporating additional activities for children and families.

1. Work with the town to improve ADA accessibility on Trade Street.
2. Review sign ordinances for better visibility for drive-thru traffic
3. Continue Façade Improvement Grants as available to preserve historic buildings.

Economic Vitality
1. In partnership with the town and interested parties, create a 5-year plan for incorporating more residential living and mixed-use opportunities in Tryon.