Harmon Field Cleanup – Saturday, September 8

Harmon Field was hit with a lot of damage and debris after the flooding in May and we all see this as an area of importance for our residents and visitors for the World Equestrian Games and beyond.

A lot of folks have asked about the silt/sand that is covering the pathways, picnic tables by the river, and sand that has piled around the trees.

TDDA would like to invite you all to come to Harmon Field on Saturday morning to clean up the park, We’ll plan to start at 8/8:30am, hopefully before it gets too hot. This will help to clean up the park prior to the Walk/remembrance later that evening and get the park ready to invite tourists who may enjoy the park during their

Please bring gloves, a shovel and heavy duty brooms and wheel barrows if you have them. We will not work anywhere along the river, but along the walkways to clear them out.

See you then!