Economic Restructuring

The Main Street Four-Point Approach® is a community-driven, comprehensive strategy used to revitalize downtown and neighborhood business districts throughout the United States.  It is a common-sense way to address the variety of issues and problems that challenge traditional business districts. 

To face these issues, the Tryon Downtown Development Association, in partnership with the Town of Tryon, has adopted the Main Street program approach to look again at Trade Street, the economic heart of our community, to save its historic buildings, to revive its commercial core, to strengthen business, and to promote a sense of place and community life in downtown Tryon.

Identified focus areas which require further work include:

  • More & better retail mix
  • Equitable rents & costs of downtown properties
  • Need for financial incentives and public funding
  • Commercial business turnover
  • Upper & lower floor development
  • Entrepreneurial assistance
  • Inns & B&Bs
  • Future use of railroad line
  • Business licensing
  • Implication of types of zoning downtown

If you are interested in helping us develop the right mix of businesses for economic growth in and around downtown Tryon, contact us to see what space is available and help us find the right occupants.

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